The EcoClean Green Pledge – Doing Our Part

Man cleaning with rag

The EcoClean Green Pledge - Doing Our Part

The cleaning industry is enormous, consuming billions of pounds of cleaning, chemicals and janitorial paper annually. This has a tremendous impact on our air, water, soil, and other resources. Hundreds of millions of pounds of equipment are dumped into landfills every year. That’s why, through our Green Cleaning program, EcoClean of the Carolinas is committed to help preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Our “EcoClean Green” program incorporates certified products and equipment into the cleaning process, but is distinguished by the training and service support you would expect from a leader in green cleaning. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, environmentally responsible service solutions.

Man cleaning with rag


  • The greenest, high performance chemicals available are used.
  • Office trash is emptied into thick, reusable trash bags.
  • Vacuums have HEPA filtration systems to remove contaminants (dust, soil, micro-organisms, and other pollutants) from the environment.
  • Aerosols are not used except where no other satisfactory substitute is available.
  • Auto-scrubbers use foam technology, lessening the use of chemicals.
  • Carpets receive a final clean water rinse after cleaning.
  • Re-usable micro-fiber cloths are used for dusting rather than throw away cloths.
  • On occasion acids are used to remove tough rust stains, only with the owners’ prior permission.
  • Vacuums replace dust mops where feasible.
  • Light water based products are used with the exception of restroom disinfectants, which are used to kill infectious organisms, harmful bacteria and germs. This assures that no contaminants are introduced into the atmosphere of the customers facility through use of chemicals.


It is our responsibility to pass on to the next generation a planet that is safe and in balance. We must reduce the enormous amount of natural resources we waste. We must do all we can not to harm the environmental balance of the earth. A simple, but significant step begins when we use chemicals and processes that are respectful of our earth.  Benefits include:

  1. Environmentally friendly cleaning creates healthier surroundings.
  2. Green cleaning helps improve indoor air quality and reduce health problems that traditional products and processes may contribute to. 
  3. Healthier environments increase productivity.
  4. Healthier employees mean happier employees. Statistics show increased worker satisfaction, improved morale, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity and efficiency can occur when a facility is maintained using green cleaning processes and chemicals.
  5. Employees and customers appreciate knowing that green practices are used in the building they occupy. A green cleaning program helps you market your business as a socially conscious one.
  6. Using environmentally friendly equipment and products in the right manner helps decrease air pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change. Green practices also promote recycling, reducing the use of raw materials and minimize toxic products requiring disposal.

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